Current Assembly Officers
2017 - 2018

Assembly 1099 is very successful because of their officers and organization.
This requires Commitment and Understanding of the tasks to be carried out by the officers.  By each focusing on their responsibilities, the work is spread among many people.
So if you are considering an officer position or are currently an officer please review this document which contains a number of tasks specific to our Assembly.
>> Click Here to review the responsibilities of Admiral, Captain, Pilot, Sentinels and Scribe

Faithful Friar  
  Fr. Dennis Strach II, CSC 
Faithful Navigator
SK Billy Roberts
Faithful Captain
SK Gilbert Cortinas

Faithful Pilot
SK Randy Schleicher
Faithful Comptroller SK Albert Villegas
Faithful Purser
SK John Paci
Faithful Admiral SK Kevin Russell
Faithful Scribe
SK Giacomo Leone
Faithful Inner Sentinel
SK Robert Chaplin II
Faithful Outer Sentinel
SK Jacob Castillo
Trustee 1
SK Harold Benkoski
Trustee 2 SK Robert Ibarra, Jr.
Trustee 3 SK Eric Staveley

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